Dhan Teras

Dhan Teras is the day of Laxmi pujan. In the Hindu civilisation, the Goddess Laxmi occupies a very significant position. As Goddess and mother she is worshipped in all households. On the day of Aso vada teras, falling in the months of either October or November of the English calendar all Hindu homes conduct worship of the Goddess using water, milk, kanku and flowers for the rituals.

Laxmi represents wealth and it is said that wealth is fickle. However, it is more appropriate to say that man's mind is fickle and needs to be curbed. Those who give in to this fickleness and misuse wealth for worldly enjoyments and sense gratification, eventually fall into misery. Laxmi as the giver of bounty is also known as swarna-hasta, meaning golden handed. As this name suggests the Goddess pours out riches to the Community. Where there is Laxmi there is prosperity. But wealth here also includes moral and ethical values, the nobler aspects of life, the power of the mind and the intellect. In the hands of a spiritual man such wealth is a great force which he can use for benefit of humanity. By worshipping Laxmi such as a person lives for the welfare of mankind. But in the hands of a selfish and sense-oriented person, wealth only brings in evil and harms many.

It is spiritual wealth, which a true seeker seeks. For such a seeker, Laxmi the Goddess of wealth is symbolic of the highest in man - moral and ethical values, noble life of selflessness. By Laxmi pujan, he aspires to the wisdom of the Gods.

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