The festival of "Holi" is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Phagun. This is the time of Spring in India and nature is at its best. Trees, shrubs, and the beautiful, blossoming flowers naturally awaken youthfulness and romance in the human hearts normally entrenched in a mundane routine. None the less restraint and courtesy should be observed in during the fun and the festivities.

There is also a mythological significance of 'Holi" - a son like Prahlad, a great devotee of the Almighty was born to a demon Hiranyakashyap, who believed himself to be God. He was unable to convert his son Pralhad to accept him as God and contrived to kill him. He did not succeed in his attempts and so, finally tried to burn him alive while being seated in the lap of Holika, the demon's sister, who had a boon that she would not be burned by fire, only if she did not harass any person of good conduct. When Holika sat in the fire with Prahlad, she was burnt to ashes while Prahlad was not at all affected by the flames. The moral is that there may be a very small minority of morally upright people, but as long as they have faith in God and have good of all at heart, then they will not be harmed, in spite of the evil around them.

When the Almighty's faithful devotee Prahlad came out of the fire smiling and alive while Holika was dead, the people were filled with joy. Happiness of the people was boundless, they danced with joy, forgetting their status, class, age, etc. They sprinkled and sprayed 'gulal' and different coloured powders and sprayed one another with coloured water. Thus this festival occupies a unique place in the Hindu tradition and life.

As is customary, we should not only discard our worn out clothes in the flames of "Holi", but also all evil qualities like animosity, jealousy, temptation, greed, anger, etc. Thus worshipping "Holi" every year, one should establish love, unity and co-operation in one's heart and help in reconstruction of a prosperous and healthy society.

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