Janmashtami is celebrated on Shravana Vada aatham which falls in the month of August. It was on this day that the dynamic incarnation of Vishnu, in the form of Krishna, took birth. The incarnation of Krishna is stated to be Purna-avatar or full manifestation for he displayed all the qualities and virtues of a perfect being. Every aspect of Krishna's Life and deeds has a mystic symbolism indicating a sublime truth. His life reflects such a vast panorama of actions, as social reformer, mystic yogi, server of devotees, philosopher, statesman, etc., indicating His Perfect Manifested Form.

His was such an exemplary life that everyone who came into relationship with Him, was able to feel at one with Him. Through the playing of the flute, He used to pour out His divine love for all and all those who heard Him, went into a trance. The enchanting music emanating from the flute of the Lord is the bliss of Godhood enjoyed by the man of Realisation. He was an ardent supporter of the higher civilisation of the Devas and therefore all the Kingdom which had dictatorial hierarchies and practiced marginal rites and rituals of the left hand path were toppled by Him. These included the Kingdoms of Kansa Jarasandh, Shishupala, Narkasur, Kalayavan, and Duryodhan who were all very powerful.

In the Bhagawad Gita, He gave out the message of true Dharma as the charioteer of Arjuna. By holding the Sudarshan Chakra of Dharma and righteousness. He gave mankind a grand vision of life. Krishna gave Arjuna the entire philosophy of life in the eighteen chapters of the Gita and towards the end of the eighteenth chapter told Arjuna "I have declared the highest wisdom to you; reflect upon it and act as you choose to". He gives the choice to Arjuna and the same choice is given to each one of us in living our lives.

There is no peace in this world which is full of vices and dictators. "Geeta" should be given the honourable place of mother civilization in such wicked environment. "Geeta" is capable of being the world mother, as it is free from the narrow-mindedness of this traditional society. And so "Geeta" is for all. Therefore, this day should be celebrated, not just by fasting, but by practicing the message of "Geeta".
Salutations to Purna avatar-Shree Krishna.

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