Kali Chaudas

The fourteenth day of the dark half of the month of Aso is called Kali Chaudas. There is a very interesting tale associated with this day. Narakaasura was a demon king ruling over Praagjyotishapura (the present day Assam). By virtue of his powers and boons secured from God, he became all conquering. Power made him big headed and he became a menace to the good and the holy men. He considered women as only an instrument of fulfilling his desires and had 16,000 ladies in captivity. The Gods headed by Davendra implored Sri Krishna to come to their rescue. Sri Krishna came from Dwarka and destroyed the huge army, which opposed him and finally beheaded Narakaasura himself. The population was freed from the oppressive tyranny and all heaved a sigh of relief. The 16,000 women kept in captivity by the demon king were freed. With a view to removing any stigma on them and according them social dignity, Sri Krishna gave all of them the status of his wives. The people lighted Deepaks on this dark night and made it a bright, cheerful and joyous night by wearing bright and new clothes.

Many people worship Goddess Maha Kali on this day. Maha Kali is a very powerful energy and is worshipped with a view that its use is made for the welfare of the general populace and for godly actions.

In short this day is celebrated so that all the evil elements are removed and the good elements take their place in our lives


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