Mahavir Jayanti

According to Jainism, Bhagwan Mahavir is the 24th Tirthanker. A Tirthanker attains 'Keval Gyan' by his austerities and keeping the principles of Satya, Ahimsa, Aparigrah and Brahmacharya.

When Trishala Devi, wife of King Siddharta had Lord Mahavir in her womb, she had 14 auspicious dreams in which she saw a lion, an elephant, a bullock, Goddess Laxmi, garlands, moon, sun, flag, Kumbha, Lake, Ocean, Vimana, jewels and Agni (fire). The astrologers intercepted the dreams and predicted that Queen Trishala Devi would give birth to a noble son who would be a Tirthanker and attain Divine Knowledge.

Lord Mahavir was born on Chaitra Sud 13 and his birth was heralded by Gods and Goddesses of Heaven. His birth was celebrated with great pomp and rejoicing by all. Mahavir grew up and proved proficient in all branches of knowledge, arts, martial arts and sciences. He got married and had a daughter.

He renounced the world and went through severe austerities. He attained Keval Gyan and preached for many years before giving up his mortal frame.

The festival of the birth of Lord Mahavir is known as Mahavir Jayanti, an occasion for great celebration. Jains gather together to hear Mahavir's message expounded, so that they can follow his teachings and examples. The dreams of his mother before his birth may be dramatically presented and the circumstances of his birth, as narrated in the scriptures, explained to the assembled people. The image of Mahavir is ceremoniously bathed and rocked in a cradle. In many places processions take place through the streets with the image having the place of honour, and in some regions in India, this is a general public holiday. One custom associated with the celebrations is to break a coconut at the end and distribute small pieces.

Lord Mahavir is a shining Beacon to all those who desire to attain Divine Knowledge and through it Moksha.

Our homage to Bhagwan Mahavir.

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