Raksha-Bandhan falls on the full-moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. Our wise old sages have nurtured and kept alive our cultural traditions bearing good and benevolence of the society at heart. Love and purity which are the reflections of relationships between a brother and a sister have been kept alive by the Raksha-Bandhan festival which is celebrated universally in Hindu homes.

Most of our relations have some expectations in return, but the relationship between brother and sister is unique and completely selfless, impartial and pure. On this auspicious day every sister sends out a rakhi or some thread showing love and affection towards her brother and prays for his welfare and happiness. Even an iron-willed, strong person is unable to resist or refute this blessed symbol of bondage. It is not just a piece of colourful string but represents good conduct, restraint and pure love, It is a welcome bond illustrating significance of love which is an inspiration and encouragement for the brother to progress and prosper in the journey of life.

Hindu culture has thus given a respectful place to women in the society. This festival illustrates how venerable a Sister is to a brother.

On this auspicious day, the sister gets up early in the, morning, puts on her best clothes and goes to her brother. She greets him, puts on a tilak on his forehead, lights a deepak and ties a rakhi on his right hand wrist. She then gives him a piece of sweetmeat to eat. The brother accepts the bond of love and protection and gives a gift to his sister as a token of his love for her.

Hindu tradition has thus sought to preserve purity and sanctity in the attitude arid outlook of brothers towards their sisters.

The festival of "Raksha Bandhan" is of great significance to a brother and sister. If the brother is far away, then the "Rakhi" is mailed and if he is in proximity, the sister visits him to tie the "Rakhi". We bow our heads to the wise old sages who have made us realise the sanctity of the brother-sister relationship

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