Ram Navmi

Ram and Krishna are two avatars of Lord Vishnu. These two great in guidance and lessons that we get from their lives will be useful not only for Hindus but for the whole world today.

Shri Ram was born at 12 noon on the ninth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra. He is known as Maryada Purushotam. We see maryada in every step of his life. He has never abused that limit (maryada) be it family life or the highest throne of the kingdom. We get full guidance from his life. Shree Ram's life provides examples of how one can carry out the best work within the bounds of family, society, moral or even political state. Ramayana shows us how one man reached the top most seat of God. He has never crossed his limits by any means, thoughts, words or deeds. That is why he has been called Maryada Purushotam. He is worshipped as Deva or God as he had attained salvation by his lofty ideals and aims.

Ram's devotion to his mother, brothers, his selflessness, his love for his brothers, his wife, his generosity and greatness of heart, patriotism, compassion, etc., are an inspiration to today's man. He was not an ordinary ruler. He was a great king. The world can stop sliding towards darkness if it takes a little lesson from his exemplary life. He lived a life of an ascetic. He practiced what he preached and said: "As the king is so are the subjects (ruled)." We pay our homage to Shri Rama.

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