Sharad Purnima

Sharad-Purnima is a grand festival, which falls at the termination of the rainy season in India. On this day the moon is closest to the earth and appears very big in size. When this full moon is perfectly risen and the earth is enveloped in its white light, it seems like the Creator's poem has descended on earth. People respond to this festival with their heart's enthusiasm and cheerfulness. People go to the sea or lake shores and riverbanks or go boating with their friends and relatives and indulge themselves in eating 'pawa', a form of rice and milk. Others celebrate it by playing Raas Garbas and making the night lively with their dancing and harmonious singing. On this night, poets, artists, lovers are inspired when they see the Moon. Even the sea seems to rise and touch the sky in ecstasy. The white moonlight, water and the music, the union of the three, fills people's hearts with magic. People become relaxed at heart and enjoy the magical atmosphere, the blissful nature and its joys. Roof terraces and courtyards become alive with dancing and great singers singing. Our national poet, Zaverchand Meghani has immortalised this beautiful night in his numerous poems. Sharad Punam has got the key to open people's hearts, a festival inspiring people to get rid of all impurities.

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