Hindu Culture

Arti is considered as an important religious ritual of our culture. It is an age old tradition to perform Arti at the end of puja for our household deity. We can bring happiness in this Kaliyug If this Arti is performed with understanding. Arti removes sins and brings prosperity. The scriptures and religious teachers show that Arti should be performed after puja.

Arti is performed in the temples two times a day - in the morning and evening. Ladies prepare the Arti with necessary things like ghee; camphor, incense, etc. and perform Arti of their chosen deities and enjoy the fruits end success of puja. One who performs Arti should have lots of belief in the power of God. The atmosphere when Arti is sung full of gratitude for God is one of peace and bliss. The performer of Arti, too, feels one with God. The flame of Arti makes one full of love for God and also inspires her/him to be pure.

Arti has five deepaks which signify the five elements our bodies are made up of. We are made to realize that our bodies when dead will go back to these elements.