Hindu Culture
Dip Darshan

Our Aryan civilization and culture has also accepted Dip Darshan as a religious symbol. It occupies a special place in Hindu homes and temples even in today's scientific age where electricity plays an important role in everything we do. The tradition of offering prayers every morning and evening by lighting diya is in existence even today. The originator of Vedas has accepted 'dip' or diya as supreme being and tells us to perform his puja.

This seemingly small dip gives a big message to us. Passion, anger, avarice, charm, pride, envy, etc. have all taken hold of us by spreading darkness of ignorance in our lives. We have to remove this darkness from within us and fill it with knowledge and wisdom giving light to brighten our lives. It takes us on the path of progress. Where there is knowledge and wisdom there is God's showering of good will. Everybody experiences good things here. Their health improves. And the society also prospers with the increase of wealth of individuals.

Our forefathers have given importance to Dip Darshan. There is a deep understanding of gratefulness in it. The small dip, which is burning in ghee, reminds us of 'atma-jyoti', which is existing within us. It is on this basis that our rishis and munis dived within and spread the wisdom of light, which they got from the divine storehouse residing in themselves. And so the tradition of meditating by lighting a diya started in our society. The electric bulb distracts us from meditating and prayers and so becomes a source of restlessness. May be that is the reason why it is more convenient for us to pray by switching off the electric bulb.

The small diya of ghee also gives us another message. It burns itself but gives light to others. Our rishis and munis and saints have also sacrificed their lives and have kept the ideal of welfare of the people before them and thus they have spread light in the world. We get this inspiration also from this seemingly small diya. This diya has the capacity of lighting another diya from it. Not only that, it can light thousands of diyas. The electric bulb does not have such a capability.

In this way this small diya inspires us to remove darkness and bring light and happiness in our lives. It also teaches us to spread this light and knowledge to others. So we would have learnt a lot if we only learn to take the message of light from this small diya and improve our society - light it with good deeds like a light!