Sudha Chavda. Hillingdon
Part 4

Gujarati Referrals

Let me tell you about referrals from our Gujarati families. Obviously from my name they can deduce that I am also Gujarati. Before I can explain the reason why I have come to see them, I am bombarded by the questions e.g. what part of India my parents from? Where do I live? Am I married and how many children? And I exactly know what question will be the next one. What caste are you from? I get so annoyed but keep my cool. - Caste and class are intermingled in a Hindu society. Caste is more rigid than class because of its religious sanction. Strictly applied, a caste system perpetuates by birthright every individual's communal affiliation and thereby his or her entire life style, including form of worship, occupation, and marriage partner. Anyway going back to my Gujarati clients, I have to answer patiently their questions otherwise there will be no peace. They will offer tea and coffee and offer hospitability and I have to refuse with great tact, as I don't want to offend them. As usual not too much will be revealed in the first session. It takes few visits to build up the trust, relationship and their confidence before I could actually work with them.

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