Sudha Chavda. Hillingdon
Part 4

Arranged marriage

There are a few myths about Asian marriages, such as the youngsters are forced to marry whether they want to or not, the girl being not long past puberty age, neither having any say in the choice of partner, having never met each other until the wedding ceremonies, bargaining about dowries but no-one worries about compatibility of temperament or interest and personal happiness is unimportant. Some of these myths may have been true of some families in India and Pakistan in the past, but it is rare nowadays that the partners have never met and know very little about each other.

However, Asians usually expect their parents to have a lot of say in their choice of partners. Arranged marriages have stood the test of time and most of them are happy and would not wish it otherwise. Most Asian parents put family honour and reputation first, as it affects the marriage prospects of their children. The majority of children do not seek to challenge parental authority but they find the restrictions and prying suspiciousness of the Asian community silly and insulting and some of them rebel against it.

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