By Sudha Chavda
We wake up in the morning to start a day. But start a day to what?
In our lives, often we don't take enough time out - just to look at the free, easy and sometimes most mundane principles to live by. Sometimes they say truth actually hurts and it is the simplest things in life that comes for free. Well, sometimes we often take these things for granted in our day-to-day lives - the way, in which we live and enhance our lives and those around us, affects our way of thinking and the circumstances. And often consequently we actually live our lives by those people who surround us as well. So today's thought for the day is called 'general principles to live by'.

It is a series of statements but each and everyone has it's own very true and very deep meaning - which I hope will enhance a small part of your lives today.

General principles to live by

Tell the Truth- Honesty really is the best policy

Perfect your ability to love; it is the most powerful force in the world Pay attention to two year olds and indeed puppies. They know, what is important by the way.

Look at the sunsets and the way we deal with these sunsets - well! Each and every sunset brings with it a new beginning and new ending. Today's thought for the day continues to say, look at sunsets, smell the flowers, listen to the birds, Cuddle and hug the people you care about. Taste life. Everything you need is there for you.

Take responsibility for meeting your own needs. But don't do it in ways that keep others from meeting theirs.

Forgive yourself and others - we are all doing the best we can to find our ways.

Live by your own values. Others may think they know best for you - but you are the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions.

Listen to your body and take care of it - it's the best teacher you have right now.

Laugh often - it really does help a lot.

Hang out with people you like and admire - we tend to imitate those around us whether we want to or not -

Follow your dream - life is more exciting when you are pursuing your own goals - and you can have almost anything you really want.

Learn from your failures and don't be afraid to fail often. Life is not fair but it isn't unfair either.

When things do not seem to be working out for you, do something. Movement is the key to change in life itself.

And finally here is one to think about.

Be nice to elders. You may be one, one day!!!

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