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17th November 2002....

The two Jansari organisations serving in London (JKSM & Sevak) have merged on 17.11.2002 and will now be working together with a single aim of promoting a United Jansari Community in London.Congratulations to Shri Upendrabhai Kalan and Shri Amratlal Vadher for their wonderful efforts to bring about the unity among
Jansari Community in London.May Almighty bless us all to work together for the progress and prosperity of our community.Please support us to serve you.....Jai Shree Krishna to All.



Web Survey questionnaire...

Although a very low response to the questionnaire sent out in May of this year, the response shows over 85% who replied are in favour of a Jansari website. Your comments have given us the encouragement and new ideas for the website.



SEVAK was proud to represent London at the celebration held on 27 May in Birmingham.

Aneeka Gohil, Anjli Gohil, Divisha Gohil, Vimisha Gohil, Hetal Vadher and Deepti Vala performed a medley of dances with the songs Chudi jo khanki, Chuma chuma and Chhanya chhanya. All six were presented with medals for their efforts.

Since 1984 SEVAK has recognised excellence and presented awards to individuals for their achievements.

In the last 3 years Shree Jansari Gnati Mandal, Birmingham has served the UK community with some good programmes. In recognition of these efforts SEVAK presented an award to Shree Jansari Gnati Mandal, Birmingham. Chandrakant Jansari in his capacity as the President collected the award and Ashok Parmar and Kundan Gohil made the presentation on behalf of SEVAK.





Millennium Message
Welcome to today's programme and we wish you all a Happy New Year.
We hope in the years to come today's programme will be looked upon, as a launch pad for the young Jansaris to take our Community in to the Year 2000 with hopes and a sense of long term purpose.
For some years now the foundation has already been laid but due to reasons beyond belief the young Jansari's have not been given an opportunity to make their voice felt in the shaping of the future of our community. The process should have started ten years. Once again we are late but let's hope it is not too late.
Today we shall have the opportunity hear about JANSARI VISION 2000 from those who have taken this wonderful opportunity to do so. May they lead our Community forward and inspire many others to follow in their footsteps. May the almighty give them the inner strength to carry forward their JANSARI VISION 2000. We wish them success.

In creating and carrying through the JANSARI VISION 2000 the main support will have to come from the 1200 families living in the U.K. Are you and your family ready to support the new pioneers. We sincerely hope so otherwise the young Jansaris will lose faith and interest in the Community.

We are grateful to all those who have supported this programme and the need to create JANSARI VISION 2000.

We hope you all enjoy today's programme and may we see a new beginning with greater hopes

Shree Jansari Gnati Mandal, Birmingham and Sevak, London



Dear Chandrakantbhai,

The committee of SEVAK congratulates Shree Jansari Gnati Mandal Birmingham on their 21st Anniversary.

We are pleased that you have chosen to celebrate this special occasion by inviting the UK community. It is our sincere wish the celebrations go well and all those who attend have an enjoyable time. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance on the day.

In 1998 when we celebrated our 15th Anniversary, we were very pleased to able to raise £11,500 for Mayur Parmar of Birmingham, and assist him towards the cost of his treatment. It was heartening to read from your recent Newsletter that he has undergone the treatment required. We wish him a speedy recovery.

We were equally very pleased when our respective organisations jointly celebrated the Millennium programme in Birmingham on 14 November 1999. The programme gave hope to the younger generation in the Jansari community that there is a role for them to play in advancing the Jansari cause. Perhaps this may be one of the reasons for the interest shown by your younger members to come forward and join the committee.

We hope that in the not too distant future we can jointly organise another meaningful programme for the benefit of the UK community.

We are fortunate that our respective organisations have the services of community members who not only have a sincere willingness to serve the UK community, but do so with some vision and progressive ideas.

We wish your Mandal every success for the future and may you continue with the excellent work of serving the UK community.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

Kundan Gohil,


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