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Take Dreams Seriously

Take dreams seriously. We've all run into the seasoned veterans who have "seen it all" and always have reasons why not to do something. Before you finish a sentence they pour cold water on your great idea. Recalling someone who failed miserably trying a similar idea, these rescuers will try to prevent you from wasting time, energy and anguish on any new venture. The truth is, none of us knows what other people's limits are, especially if they have the passion, the dream that makes them persevere in the face of obstacles.

"The most important thing when you're starting out is not to let the naysayers steal your dreams", says Barbara Grogan, president of a construction and consulting firm. "The world is full of negative people. They have a thousand reasons why your dreams won't work, and they're ready to share them with you at the drop of a hat. You just have to believe in your ability and make your dreams come true.

Make your own rules. Most successful people are mavericks whose minds roam outside traditional ways of thinking. Instead of trying to refine old formulas, they invent new ones.

Important secrets shared by many creative people: innovations don't require a genius, just willingness to question the way things have always been done.

Learn from your mistakes. No matter how much you prepare, one thing is certain: when you are trying something new, you will make mistakes. No writer, salesperson or athlete escapes failure, if he continually challenges himself.

In any walk of life, disappointments will precede success, but remember that failure is not a crime.

By embracing risk, you will accomplish more than you will ever thought you could. In the process you will transform your life into an exciting adventure that will constantly challenge, reward and rejuvenate you.


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