This is also a fact

Thought provoking milestones straight from experiences of life...

Author & Publisher : Kishore Jivrajbhai Vadhia (Birmingham)

Published in English & Gujarati

Available in both English and Gujarati, this book has been based around Kishorbhai's life long experience and thoughts of human life and proves interesting reading. It pinpoints the many cultural and social things we do in our lifespan, and makes us think of what should be the ideal way to live a human life. What are the duties of parents, brother, sister, wife, friends, society?

To acquire your copy, contact Kishorbhai Vadhia, Vice President of Shree Jansari Gnati Mandal Birmingham and member of The Aadhunik Charity Group.
All proceeds generated from the sale of the books will be donated to Gujarati Schools in the UK.

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