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"Jansari Community should try to buy a big hall for Community gathering in East Midlands where we can all have a gathering for young and old people on a regular basis. May God bless Jansari Community for Peace and Harmony."
Shashikant Makwana and Family of Leicester

"Care and Share for the Community. Accept responsibility."
Girish Jethwa and Family of Surrey

"Learn to give not to take. Learn to serve not to rule. The present is a product of the past but it is also the seed for the future. Our duty is to serve not to search for faults. Help each other and work together."
Kishor Vadhia and Family of Birmingham

" May our Community flourish in the Millennium and let the bondage between the two Mandals strengthen."
Mavjibhai Jansari and Family of Birmingham

"All the Jansari Gnati members should unite and forget all the differences which had happened in the past. Good Luck. "
Jahindra Jansari and Family of Birmingham

"We wish the Community all the best in the future."
Milan Bhagwanji Chauhan and Family of Leicester

"Do not be impressed or influenced by those who perform good or bad actions. It is bondage of Karma to dislike those who dislike you. A constant stage can only be created when you are free from the bondage of Karma. Observe those who are good with detachment and have the vision of mercy and pure desire to transform those who are bad. In this stage you free from the bondage of Karma."
Ranchhod Dabhi and Family of Hounslow

"When there is harmony in the home there will be order in the Nation. When there is order in the Nation there will be peace in the World - Quote by Sai Baba."
Mrs. J Sodha and Family of Leicester

" I may be one person but I am the one who can make a change. We all have within ourselves the ability to make useful changes to Society. Act with an open heart and make yourself heard to improve society."
Jaykishan Vala and Family of Pinner

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