By Meera Chauhan. Age 11years. Leicester
Long ago, King Poras, an extremely powerful King ruled India. Poras was a noble warrior and was determined that no one would invade his country. India was a rich country and all the people there were well off.
Although, determined of no warrior invading India, Alexander the Great, the emperor of the Greeks, had his own heart set over India. He too was a great warrior and had conquered many countries before. Alexander loved a beautiful Persian woman named Rukhsana, who had very lovely blue eyes. Rukhsana was afraid for Alexander because she thought that he might get killed during the war over India.
She followed Alexander to India wearing a veil so that no one would notice that she wasn't Indian. When she approached the streets of India many celebrations were being made.
" What is all the merrymaking for?" she questioned the people curiously.
" For today is the festival of rakhee!" they all exclaimed with joy.
They then explained that rakhee means protection and on this day sisters tied a special string on their brothers' wrists; and in return they would promise to protect them and grant them a wish.
Suddenly an idea struck Rukhsana. She bought a rakhee and then hurried to the King's palace. The courtiers stared as she approached Poras's throne. She took off her veil and walked towards Poras.
" Who are you, where do you come from?" the King asked her.
Rukhsana tied the rakhee on the King's wrist, with no reply.
" Tell me your wish and I shall grant it," Poras said.
Rukhsana explained the situation and asked the King to promise not to kill Alexander.
When the invading began there was terrible fighting. Many died and finally Alexander mounted on his snow-white horse and Poras sat upon his huge elephant of gold and jewels. As they closed in on each other and faced their man-to-man fight, Alexander's horse slipped and fell to the ground. Poras remembering his promise strode away leaving his generals and men in astonishment. The two men became allies and always admired each other.
So now we know that Rakshabandhan is celebrated by sisters tying a rakhee on their brothers' wrists and the bothers in return offer protection over their sisters. Raksha meaning protection from evil and Bandhan meaning a bond between brother and sister.